We, Flow Make Seals are the leading Single Seals Manufacturer in Mumbai, provide you with a high-quality, mechanically sound, and competitively priced single spring seal. These readymade units save a lot of your time as it is installed effortlessly on any type of slurry liquids.

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Our single spring mechanical seal does not require fitting adjustments as it is factory pre-assembled, due to which you don’t have to face the installation difficulty. It is highly reliable and a proven performer in multiple sealing applications all across the industries.

Our mechanical seal single spring is an ideal choice for plant-based standardization since it is designed following the industry-recommended guidelines. Its features make it corrosive resistance, trouble-free, low maintenance and provide fine finishing. Moreover, stringent checking is conducted at the production, designing, assembling, and finishing stages.

Providing our customer with quality and appropriately priced products have always helped us in making a distinguished identity in this competitive arena. We assure to provide a single spring seal that is manufactured in compliance with the global quality standards.

Flow Make Seals, the Spring Seals Manufacturer in Mumbai provides you with a single spring seal, whose features are:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Single Spring type
  • Cartridge Unit type
  • Factory assembled tested
  • Balance & Unbalance type
  • Available at metric and inch sizes
  • Gets installed and removed effortlessly and quickly
  • Independent of Direction Of Rotation


This single spring mechanical seal is suitable for beverages, pulp and paper industries, chemical industries, steel making plants, hot and cold water processes, water and wastewater process, sewage water processes, vacuum distillation, crystallization, and suspensions with low solids content, and many more.

Materials Used

The material used for manufacturing this mechanical seal single spring are:

  • Faces- Ceramic, Carbon, Tungsten Carbide, and Silicon Carbide
  • Elastomers- Nitrile (NBR), EPDM, TTV, Neoprene, Aflas, EPR, PTFE, Viton (FKM)
  • Hardware- SS 316, SS 304